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Oil-Water Separator

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Our Recycling Goal

We are excited to offer a green end of life process for your spent oil-water separator. Extensive research illuminated an alternative to disposal, giving life to an environmentally responsible product. The oil and media are repurposed for energy using waste as a fuel source. Once the units are recycled, a certificate of assurance may be issued to users, upon request, that utilizes the recycling process, which relieves and transfers liability of the oil.

In a continued effort dedicated to global sustainability, this process allows the production of environmentally responsible equipment while respecting our natural resources and decreasing landfill usage. Thank you for partnering with us in reducing the carbon footprint and utilizing this globally friendly alternative.

Qualifications for the recycling program, oil-water separators must be no older than 5-years from the delivery date. If a unit is more than 5-years old, please contact us at Under certain conditions, we may be able to accept your unit for recycling.

Units must be registered through to activate warranty and be eligible for the recycling program.

RMA Form

RMA Form

Please complete the form below to receive your RMA. When you ship your units to us, make sure that each unit has a copy of the RMA attached to it for shipping.

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